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provide extensive information about AR ( ). provide extensive information about Clarification to AR Enlisted Promotions and Reductions (). Start studying AR – Enlisted Promotions and Reductions. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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MTs will be removed from the list if they signed a statement see para 5—19 e 9 and declined the position. Older is more senior.

AR | NCO Journal

The HR specialist will provide immediate training to promotion authorities who misapply waiver rules. Effective date of promotion to SGT will be the date the Soldier meets both of the following:. A code may be locally devised to indicate geographical area or. This paragraph establishes promotion eligibility during the various types of reclassification.

The Judge Advocate General will, upon request, review DA administrative changes to verify the legality of pre- scribed policies and changes. All Army command headquarters are responsible for command and staff work. Soldiers serving on ADOS will remain on the promotion list of the promotion authority which recommended them, unless promoted, the list expires, or the Soldier USAR only declines to REFRAD and accept a promotion and reassignment to a unit position that is within a reasonable commuting distance as defined in AR —10 or elected mileage, at which time they will be administratively removed.

Prepare DA Form for signature.

Soldiers reclassified due to a or miscon- duct loss of MOS qualification. Counseling will take place initially when the Soldier attains eligibility, and at least every 3 months thereafter, and include information as to why the Soldier was not recommended and what the Soldier can do to correct deficiencies or qualities that reflect a lack of promotion potential.


Army Human Resources Command HRCconduct and supervise all enlisted personnel functions prescribed in this regulation. However, if the reassignment of the Soldier would impact on a current training or instruction cycle or semester, the command may delay the reassignment until the cycle or semester is completed.

Promotion of Soldiers in the Disability Evaluation System. Promotion Process Overview, page Where the Soldier has a change of residence or civilian employment incurs an extreme hardship requiring such reassignment, or as otherwise determined by the first general officer in the chain of command.

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600–19 will compete for promotion: Soldiers who are competent in their current rank who show potential to serve at positions of increased responsibility will be recommended for promotion to the next higher rank see para 1—1. Aar the provisions of paragraph 1— 20 apply. Suspension of favorable personnel actions for Soldiers on a Headquarters, Department of the.

Reduction Orders and Restoration to Former Rank, page The Soldier is in a nonpromotable status from 28 March through 3 April and regains promotable status on 4 April. The proponent of 600-819 regulation is the Dep- of this regulation and establishment of comuty Chief of Staff, G—1.

Minimum time requirement for promotion pin-on as of the 1st day of 6008-19 promotion month To SSG— Secondary zone: Other provisions of this regulation are waived to permit these promotions except for Soldiers serving under a Flag who are nonpromotable, per paragraph 1— Each Soldier bears a personal responsibility to ensure their records are accurate and reflect all information necessary to compute accurate promotion scores.


Unit CDRs may recommend: A 600-81-9 Form will be submitted no later than the 20th day of the month preceding the month of automatic promotion. These Soldiers must qualify on the 2-mile run or approved alternate aerobic event according to FM 7— Audit schedule will ensure each promotion authority is reviewed at least once annually.

AR 600-8-19 Enlisted Promotions and Reductions

Refer to DA Pam —38 for additional guidance. Eligibility criteria for promotion pin-on U.

The following conditions must be met: See paragraph 1—20 for Soldiers pending a medical retention decision. Decentralized promotion boards, page The Enlisted Promotion System is—. Army Training and Doctrine. Army Reserve troop program unit. Identifies the work performed at unit level associated with each task.

The DOR for promotion to a higher rank is the date specified in the promotion instrument or, when no date is speci- fied, is the date of the instrument of promotion. Strict adherence to this timeline will be enforced by HRC.

Any higher level CDR may direct that signature authority be held at his or her level, but the certificate will still be prepared by the unit or BN HR activity. Resequencing based on seniority will be accomplished by taking into account all Soldiers selected for promotion in a particular MOS whether promoted or not.