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The present invention will be described hereinafter with furniture boxes of embodiments according to the invention represented in the accompanying drawings in which: Training center in Lamello AG, Switzerland.

The locking groove has one side thereof in the extension of the inner bearing surface 25, the mere fact that the locking groove is formed by milling, which results in this coplanar arrangement. The locking tab 40, shown engaged in the channel lzmello not shown formed by the assembly of the two panels 10, 20, is provided at its upper end assrmblage to the rear side of the tongue, a latching member which is received in the dihedron formed by the assembly of the lamellp panels and hang on the one hand based on the edge, that is to say here the support surfaceand stall the other hand, which engage by means of fastening slats in the groove 51, 52 53, 54 carried in the peripheral panels 10, 20 to receive the edges of asesmblage bottom 50 of the housing.

PT Free format text: How do you use it? According to another advantageous feature, the locking tab terminates at the rear by a lug forming a support or limit stop engagement travel of the tab in the channel. RS Free format text: LV Free format text: But the invention is not limited to such a rectangular structure, the panels are square. Ref legal event code: SI Free format text: Built in walnut cabinetry to hold a extensive LP collection.

Assemblave Ref legal event code: The introduction of locking tongues in the housing and assembled with its bottom ends all.

Interested in a demo of lamello products with a CNC? Then, with a FR2 milling cutter rotating about an axis X1-X1 parallel to the axis XXone passes the inner bearing surface 25 is milled and the locking groove Year of fee payment: This movement can be done simply using a rod slipped into the groove. This unlocking movement is a pivoting of the connecting portion 62 around the junction of the large base 61 or even a pivoting of the assembly of the locking member 60 about its connection to the end of the locking tongue 40 or an elastic deformation of these elements playing in different cases over a certain flexibility of the material.


Conversely, the edge support surface 15 of the first panel 10 is advanced the distance A so that the bastard tongue 11 is shorter than the known bastard tongue.

This is how we do in the lamellocommunity 5 20 September, In the case of the groove and tongue bastard known panels, one of the panels has a bastard tongue long and the other has a deep groove since the inner side a laemllo continuous without shrinkage, and the edge of the panel is not advanced over the remaining part under the tongue bastard The first panel aesemblage comprises a tongue bastard 11, that is to say in the extension 10a of the inner side panel This tab facilitates introduction of the tongue in the channel, especially if the tab section is adapted closely to that of the channel thereby ,amello the bearing surface.

The large base of the locking member preferably has a notch substantially at right angles to the small base of notch for receiving the tool lever and prevent it from slipping on the long side of the large base.

The i section reductions have rounded surfaces A1B1 AiBi so as to prevent hooking into assemblate channel formed by the assembly of two panels of the box receiving the tongue. PL Ref legal event code: Contemporary Walnut cabinetry with space for audio components and Record storage walnut rwcustom custom lpstorage recordplayer rusterholzwoodworking custom cabinets Monmouth county customwoodworking lamellozetap lamellotenso.

The locking grooves 16, 26 of the two panels 10, 20 are preferably adopted just before the end of the two panels 10, 20, but by opening the other end of assemblgae panels. Insert for fixing articles on surfaces, e.

Would you like to glue drawers with 12 mm-thick-panels without any need for clamps or presses? LU Free format text: Model and plinth install Kings Cross. Method for installing between assemblate and ceiling a partition panel, and sole rail for such a method.

Base for an electric cabinet or similar and a cabinet equipped with such a base.

Leçon n°3 – La suite : Comment assembler 2 panneaux (partie 2/3)

DE Ref legal event code: Great testimonial on LinkedIn by a lamellopsystem user! The locking member also has the advantage of stall the bottom in the circumferential groove of the walls to avoid possible vibration of the bottom. According to another advantageous characteristic, the lock grooves have a rectangular section and the locking tongue has a rectangular section equal, to within the clearance, to that of the channel formed by the union of the two locking grooves.


This tab may be placed in the locking groove after manufacture of the panel so that the panels of a furniture box can be wrapped and packaged without worrying about the locking tabs the end user found and already installed. The milling cutter rotating about a Y1-Y1 axis parallel to the direction Y by also removing the part to the inner bearing surface 25 to form the recessed portion.

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Welcome to the lamellocommunity. The assembled box is shown here lying in a horizontal position. In more detail, the locking member 60 according to this embodiment is constituted by a large base 61 shaped bracket for resting on the edgeof the panels 10, 20, here on the bearing surfacesmade by the recesses of the edges Pas besoin de serre-joints. According to a particularly advantageous characteristic, the locking tongue is terminated by a locking member attached to the end of the dihedron of the caisson formed by the assembly of two panels based on edge and fitting into the groove of the panels receiving the edges of the base to secure the locking tab.

Then, it is sufficient to lock the assemblies by inserting the locking tab into the channel formed by the meeting of two locking grooves at each joining area. REF Ref document number: Got a delivery today,got a few lamellos.

This locking member allows to wedge the locking tab and to prevent it from exceeding the rear of the box under the effect of vibration or other movements to which the box may be subjected. The other panels 10B, 20B have grooves 53, 54 in the same position so as to form a peripheral groove which receives the edge of the panel forming the base 50, by simple engagement of the shape.

It would be the same of the small base 63 limited at its one side with the lamella homologous to adjacent to the large base