The formal search for leaven . בדיקת. חמץ.) is conducted on the night before Pesah. This symbolizes the final removal of leaven from the home. Before the. Bedikat chametz must be performed on the eve of the fourteenth of Nissan (April 2 The bracha of al bi’ur chametz is recited, immediately preceding the bedika. However, the night before (or two nights before if Pesach begins on a Saturday night), Bedikat Chametz (literally, “the search for Chametz”).

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This bedika doesn’t need to be done as if no cleaning was done, but is required anyway. See above regarding the laws of not eating, working, or learning within a half hour of Tzeit Hakochavim.

This is quoted by the Bet Yosef One may not engage in any work etc. It is best to use cametz candle to illuminate the areas; however, it is perfectly acceptable to use a flashlight or other light source. These pieces must be small and should be wrapped so that crumbs do not escape.

Their reasoning is that it may be difficult to find a minyan later. When Pesach starts on Saturday nightbedikas chametz takes place on Thursday night two nights before Pesach. Retrieved from ” https: If one started within the half an hour, bddikat must stop what they are doing and perform the bedika.

In some traditions, searchers also carry a bell to announce the discovery of chametz. However, if one spoke in regard to the bedkia, no new bracha need be recited.


Bedikat Chametz – Halachipedia

Views Read Edit View history. Leaven to the mystics symbolized the ferment of base desires and evil impulses which had to be purged. Every part bedikzt every room of the house where chametz may possibly be found must be searched using this process. Although at this time one does not bedokat the chametz, it is considered as if it is destroyed, since after the bedika one nullifies it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By the light of a wax candle, with a wooden spoon and a whisk made of several chicken or goose feathers tied together, the master of the house searches every corner in the house for stray crumbs.

However, Halichot Shlomo 5: See, however, Rosh Pesachim 1: Many Poskim are of the opinion that one should start the bedika with a candle and change over to a flashlight Rabbi Moshe Stern Shlita.

Bedikas chametz

Some examples are the basement, office, car, attic, pantry, furniture, clothing, etc. Beitzah Charoset Karpas Maror Zeroa. Chazal held that the bedika should be done by candlelight for it offers a better illumination and one is able to search into all the cracks and crevices Gemara Pesachim 4a, MB If one spoke even one word about something not relevant to the bedika, the bracha needs to be repeated MB 5.

One should say the following: Most Poskim deems it not as a bracha in vain for the mitzvah is to search and destroy even if there is no chametz found Rama. Nevertheless, Chazal held that the search must be done in the evening for two reasons.


One may not engage in one of the above within a half an hour before the time of bedikas chametz. HOTEL 18 one who goes to a hotel for Yom Tov is required to check his room, however, a bracha is recited only if one is there on the eve of the fourteenth SA The reason given in Kabbalah is that the ten pieces correspond to the Ten Sefirot of Klipah. It is customary to place 10 pieces of chametz for the search. Therefore, it is much easier for one to perform the bedika and by day one may forget MB If for some reason one cannot one may make representative to burn it for him.

If the husband is not available, the ceremony has to be performed by the wife or another member of the family. Views Read View source View history.

One must use extreme caution not lose or misplace the bread MB Matzo Matzah ball Matzah brei Matzo farfel granola Matzah pizza. Brauer, Yehudei Kurdistan—6; J. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Similarly, if one did not nullify the chmetz after the bedika it is as if they still have not destroyed the chametz.