Aamar kache besh kich indrajal comics ache ja ekhane nai kintu amar kachey scanner nai. kichu din somoy dao jatay scanner purchase kore pdf format a. Amar kache dekhlam kichu Bengali Indrajal Comics 2 copy kore ache. ami ogulo onyo kono collector er sathe exchange korte chai. Comic # Bengali Indrajal Comics(No): Bahadur meets Bela in the Sada Bhuter Adda(সাদা ভূতের আড্ডা). Friends,yesterday was the.

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Bengali Indrajal Comics

Reminded me of time when I used to find bundles of Indrajals here till about a few years back. Khub bhalo theko aar parle aro upload koro please.

My favorite Villain was the Octon. Unknown 15 October at What kind of comic would you get in Rs. In eng 22 “A string of Black Pearls” is 28 pages.

As far as Indrajal goes,I think I have around odd comics. Anonymous 11 September at Shamik Bhattacharya 3 December at My favorite always has been Mandrake probably because he used to get involved in esoteric adventures, some of them inter-galactic!

Bengali Pdf Books: All Bengali Indrajal Comics(Total 39)

Hojo-An interesting account of your Indrajal hunt. I took a bunch of comics, closed the almirah and jump on bed to start reading.

Bought some Phantoms and Mandrakes directly from the DC office,but the new re-prints do not have the same charm of the older indrajak. Posted by Betal at 5: Those were the times when young minds were not adulterated with Iphones,Ipods, the internet or even cable television. Pratham je betaler boi publish hoye chhilo Indrajjal e sei boitai “Laljadukarir Rahasya” amar pratham upload. Anonymous 3 December comis Kaushik 10 July at Newer Post Older Post Home.


I took a 2nd route to reach the CS,met a lone seller on my way on the foot-path with hardly total books who ‘told’ me that Ijcs are quite available in that area,even showed me few and assured me that he can arrange many!

Times of India stop publishing IJC in Indrajals were in abundance even with odd sellers with very few connection and what was the rates??? Father of 1st Phantom who was the cabin boy of Christopher Columbus founded this mountain with his friend Caribo and they climbed it.

Wednesday, March 24, 1st Bengali Indrajal Comics. Not to mention the pygmy bandar, Old Man Mozz, the location of the skull cave deep within the forest, which all captivate my imagination. What else could kids have asked for during the 80’s and 90’s?

Bengali Indrajal Comics ForEver: Post # Bengali Indrajal Comics No

Sudipta 11 November at Anonymous 26 November at Numbering r r ghare. Ajke anekgulo bachar pichhane phele eseo sei purano boi gulor kathai kebol mone pore. Its a fascinating topic that you have bought up regarding the prices of Indrajals having reached a saturation point.

I may try to scan and upload them Anonymous 14 June at Great American comic book artist Al Williamson has died. Rip Kirby-Have always been fascinated by detective stories and it was no surprise that I got hooked on to the adventures of Rip kirby.


Durdaanto kaaj korechho bhai, aaro indrajal comics thakle upload kore dio; any update achhe? In fact when these comics was first released I was in school and within the age of years. All in all, the exercise took about 2 hours. Please please continue to upload more and more if possible. It was beyond my expectation that I will find these treasures here in in this link.

Diana and phantom came to walker’s table and surprisingly they found the rope and basket which used as elevator, was broken. Sarbapratham je indrajal comics ami hate indraial, actualy duto boi amake diye chhilo bandhu Sandipan Sen, boi dutor nam ” Abagunthita” and “daineer Dandha”.

Links for [del.

ANU 10 January at Anonymous 6 October at Welcome to the world of Devil. Newer Post Older Post Home. Koustav Pramanik 18 June at Posted by Bengali Indrajal Comics at 2: Yes it is more than 28 pages without 3rd and back cover.

Anonymous 2 April at