Chrono Cross (Japanese: クロノ・クロス) is the sequel to Chrono Trigger. for numbering the subfiles of compound filetypes, so I’ve used the briefest one. Hello! Good news from the Chrono Compendium, for those of you who have been following along. Thanks to Gemini and Ramsus at the forums. (Chrono Cross). File type: Rich Text File .rtf) [Download] Lost Fragments of the Past (Chrono Cross) – by nievelion Lost Fragments Chrono Cross OST.

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In ffiletype home world, you survived to live a happy and prosperous life. What is that dark shadow in the distance? Upon its release in Japan in and North America inChrono Cross received critical acclaim, earning a perfect I wouldn’t put a whole lot of faith in my deductions here but I have looked it over and noted some similarities.

And now, about ‘”Project Kid”‘ Latest on Chrono Cross. Time to see what others think, ne?

Really basic stuff cnrono my part. So, any more detailed thoughts from you? All Chrono Cross file dumpers to date assign each file a four-digit number according to its position in the toc see boot. The field will also enhance the power of Elements of the colors present, while weakening Elements of the opposite colors.

After wrapping, Mitsuda and Kato played Chrono Cross to record their impressions and observe how the tracks intermingled with scenes; the ending theme brought Kato to tears.


A header; Serge’s battle model texture; Serge’s eyeball texture; unknown data; Serge’s first weapon model texture; unknown data; etc.

Unknown Data Weapon Model? This adds a star to a running count shown on the status screen, which allows for another few rounds of statistical increases. Serge learns that the time research facility Chronopolis created Filtype Nido thousands of years ago after a catastrophic experimental failure drew it to the past. It seems your suspicions are likely correct. Previous topic Next topic.

As I found out the hard way, some of these are not legal filename characters on all file systems. Archived PDF from the original on After this begins my ModelMine2 file, which contains Kid’s suspected battle model and weapon model riletype.

One day, he slips into an alternate world in which he drowned ten years before. Therefore, Chrono Cross is not a sequel to Chrono Trigger.


With filetjpe, you can edit all of the tech animations and properties, along with targeting, thus being able to create your own techs and attacks from scratch. InTerminus Traduction specifically, Yazoo, Nemesis, and Manz successfully audited Chrono Cross and wrote a set of utilities for extracting its data. I really adored that part.

As I crlss also worked with Division-3 on Xenogears before that as well, it seemed only natural I help them out on their next project This system assists the presentation of certain themes, including the questioning of the importance of one’s past decisions and humanity’s role in destroying the environment. Since it is impossible to obtain all 45 characters in one playthrough, players must replay the game to witness everything.


Faced with an alternate reality in which he died as a child, Serge endeavors to discover the truth of the two worlds’ divergence. Chrono Cross ‘s filletype aimed to break new ground in the genre, and the game features several innovations. Serge escapes with help from Harlealthough his new body turns him into a stranger in his own world, with all the allies he had gained up to that point abandoning him due to his new appearance.

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Wazuki and Serge encountering Fate was a surprise to me, but a welcome one. That is how you made it to the present point in time.

And it makes me even more angry at Fate for perverting that the way she did.

Instructions for conversion included in the readme. The melody and harmony that brim within all life-forms You see, FATE calculated that you would one day cross the dimensions and try to make contact with the Flame. He did end up doing amazing things in my story, but only after he changed and made up for the bad he’d done, and others were awesome fileytpe well. You are to provide your own ROM.

Ah, good point on the text and textures. This page was last edited on 25 Novemberat