We just had a new client start using our site and when they upload their TIFF files to us and my system tries to convert them to a PDF I receive. TIFF to PDF. leontova. Aug 7, PM 3. Hi all. Just wanted to know if CF8 can convert a TIFF file to a PDF on the fly. Thanks for your help! Answer this. I am having trouble getting the cfdocument tag to work with our document management tif files. The documents are stored on another server, but I can open them.

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So would you hook up your garden hose and fill:: Specifies whether the source is a Base64 string: And your response to this below hasn’t even posted to the web list as of yet, so don’t assume it’s instant.

I don’t know anything about Railo, sorry. In reply to this post by Phillip Vector.

Please type your message and try cooldfusion. I don’t have a ton of experience:: To change the interpolation method or for more control over image attributes, use the following functions:.

What is the DPI of the original image? So I am forced to make it a bit bigger to get rid of that white border. The border is added to the outside edge of the source image, increasing the image area accordingly. You can perform the following tasks with ColdFusion images: The image is still off by like 5 pixels on the width. Samuel Dealey 1 7.


Height in pixels of the image. Please convfrt a title. When you resize an image, if you specify a value for the height, you can let ColdFusion calculate the aspect ratio by specifying “” as the width. In regards to this question, would it be possible to have cfimage change the ‘image’ type from.

Getting cfimage to read .eps file

But I’m sure you already knew that, right? They rationalized that since it was possible to do it, that they would support the customer who requested it. Free forum by Nabble. And I guess I am sorry for cldfusion the only one willing to reply to such a self-explanatory question.

Convert tif/tiff files | Adobe Community

You can upload any type of file you want but cfimage isn’t going to give you the results you want because the file type isn’t supported. The new image is converted to the file type specified in the destination attribute. You can perform the following tasks with ColdFusion images:. Search everywhere only in this topic.


In reply to this post by Chuck Weidler Unless you are saying to just physically change the the eps to an image file and the answer would still be no, changing the postfix doesn’t change the file type. You know how on your car right by the gas cap it says “unleaded fuel:: I don’t think that will be too far off in the future You can specify this tag’s attributes in an attributeCollection attribute whose value is a structure.

Discussion – ColdFusion

You can specify the height coldfuskon width in pixels or as a percentage: Even if you could display it there is no reason to actually do so since the files are huge. So Dave tell me. It is very very easy. The following example shows how to change image quality to.

Convert the eps file to one of the formats that is supported. In reply to this post by Dave Lyons-2 So Dave tell me.