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However, I have chosen not to do so, because I think that this might lead too far into technical issues, and this Commission is, after all, a forum for policy matters. The conservation of forestry resources and efficient utilization of forestry land are especially important in countries where increase in food production is seriously required with agricultural land constraint. The second is the elaboration and implementation of programmes in utilizing natural resources of which forestry is considered one of the most salar.

Paragraphs 5, 6 and 7 of the Declaration deal with wildlife conservation. The whole of our agricultural sector, indeed the survival of the entire country, is dependent on this 10, acres of forest which occupies the centre of the island and from which all streams radiate.

The other aspect is to develop agro-silvo-pastoral programmes. However, the Declaration will reinforce and further inform our own policy on forestry.

Nutritious grass varieties will be grown, and where. I thank the Indonesian Government for such fwo successful congress for the salvzr.

Thank you very much Mr. Chairman, may I congratulate you on your election as Vice-Chairman of ealvar Commission.

It was an inspiring rediscovery that forest lands can produce not only timber, but also food for immediate consumption by the rural poor who live in their vicinity; that if intensively managed and comprehensively utilized, forest can provide not only employment to millions of rural people, but also materials needed by rural people, particularly for fuel and shelter: Science and practice made a perfect platform.

In the opinion of the professional foresters attending the Congress, agroforestry would contribute in a great measure to the production of food-a situation seldom envisaged when the problem of food shortages is considered. The Polish delegation actively participated in activities of the Eighth World Forestry Congress and contributed to the development of the “Jakarta Declaration”.

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Pastures in our country occupy 62 percent of the total land area and constitute an extremely important source of animal nutrition. It also entails not only a new approach to forest land use, but also a reorientation of national land use policies, which finally should lead to a new international land – use order as forests wherever they are located are significant shareholders in the land and water household of the earth.


Before I give the floor to the next speaker I would like to inform you that we already have 23 speakers on the list and, as is traditional with Chairmen t I am afraid I must ask you to be brief, bearing in mind the short time that we have for this item. We have taken an inventory of our foreste.

Now we work on its implementation in practice. Once again I apologise for taking up your time but I think this is an omission that should be rectified. The Congress has proved its worth as a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences, between scientists and representatives of forestry administrations, as well as a point for establishing relations between representation of the forestry industry and trade in forestry products.

The other point I would like to mention is the question of planting trees and afforestation in semi-arid and arid lands. One interesting thing about bushmeat is borne out in rural urban migration.

Flores-Rodas por el sustancioso documento que nos ha presentado. One cannot exaggerate the importance of forestry to the national economy both economically and ecologically. My final point, Mr. They overlooked the fact that forests are the only neighbours of shifting cultivators, and that foresters working in these forests are the only link between these poor farmers and their Government.

It may sound strange to most of you that over 80 percent of our population depend on bush meat as a main source of protein diet. The Kochi chieftains in addition to cattle raising are engaged in trading of wool, ghee milk fat and dairy products and with the collaboration of comprador traders exploit almost all the Kochis. One is reforestation in a rational manner, either industrial or natural, to protect forests from fires, to combat pests and fungus diseases whichmay damage forests and control the attack by certain rodents and animals which could affect trees and to set up shelters.

FAO should also carry out further studies on the Forestry For Community Development and recommend specific regional programmes and intensify its training activities in the forestry sector of the developing countries. Paragraphs 14, 15 and 25 of the Declaration address themselves to the rural development aspect of forestry. On the question of resource appraisal we would like to see more energy and resources directed to forest resource appraisal and determination in order to provide a basis for more national management and utilization of our forest resources.

In this connection small-scale wood based industries, such as wood carving which are prevalent, need to be improved. I apologise for taking you back a little but what I have to say is in connection with action arising out of the Fifth Session of the Commission on Fertilizers.

Chairman, I think it is a situation which should be watched with the utmost care and I am happy to inform this Commission that with my colleagues, which include Mr. There is therefore a strong need for national and international agencies with responsibility for forestry to take care of all aspects of forestry in a balanced way.


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The ways and means vary from country to country, but the principles for carrying them out are put forth in the Jakarta Declaration. Our forestry administrative functions are, by and large, decentralized because of their nature. I recommend that greatly expanded studies of all aspects of tropical forest ecosystems should emanate from this discussion. We commend the theme of the Congress and also the Declaration.

Only then shall we be able to reliably estimate stocks and save yields in each of our developing countries. Masud, the consultative working group on fertilizers met earlier this month and came to certain conclusions.

My delegation particularly stresses the importance of points 5, 7 and 9 of the Declaration. I just support him. The accumulated interest generated from the operation of the pilot scheme was used to support group training courses and study tours within the country, to defray expenses for farmers’ field days, purchase of fertilizer kits and for other purposes that would promote improvement of rational use, marketing and distribution of fertilizer.

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We have in fact been embarking on a system of replanting fruit forest, that is, large trees which, other than eo wood, yield fruit. FAO must continue its efforts with other agencies to find new approaches for developing forestry, particularly in the production of wood for timber and as a source of energy.

After all, they have the political and operational power at the national levels. They also know that if shifting cultivators learn how to cultivate the soil more intensively and grow their food crop more rationally, or if they can find an alternative living which is better than to continue practising shifting cultivation, they would abandon their slash and burn habit.

The Jakarta Declaration has our full support and it gives me pleasure to inform the Commission that Pakistan has already been seized of the situation and has under implementation several forestry projects and programmes that the Jakarta Declaration calls on Member Governments to embark upon. Now we have world food shortages and hungry and starving millions, agroforestry should be a high priority for food production in pars areas, especially in countries which are heavily forested.