This sexy but lackluster fantasy novel kicks off the Daughters of the Moon series by Lynne Ewing, Author, Alessandra Balzer, Editor Volo $ (p) ISBN. The Daughters of the Moon book series by Lynne Ewing includes books Goddess of the Night, Into the Cold Fire, Night Shade (Daughters of the Moon, Book 3). The Daughters of the Moon Series () [Lynn Ewing] on *FREE* Back. Goddess of the Night (Daughters of the Moon 1) · Lynne Ewing.

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These characters go through the discovery of their true fate a typical good versus evil plotand they learn Daughters of the Moon is a rather long series, and this book is made up of the first three books. Four girls, four powers, one evil. Most people would automatically assume that this is a vampire book because those are popular, but it isn’t.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. He was an invitus, someone who unwillingly came to the Atrox in the 13th Century. They can either become something more or continue their lives — but as mortals who have forgotten their lives and consequently, their powers, as Daughters of the Moon. The battle scenes in the book when the daughters fa Rating this book was kinda hard since there were three books bound together all in one.

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Night Shade, 3 Stars Mar 01, Heather Moore rated it liked it. That is why we have no moon for three days every month. I probably won’t pick this up again. Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective.


My daguhters problem, now, is that I’m torn.

Inspiring and entertaining learning about a different story that people most often forget to time. As they become friends, their incredible powers bind them together as The Daughters of the Moon.

Angered by her sister’s choice and Hector’s transformation, she asked Selene to live long enough to see the Atrox destroyed.

Daughters of the Moon Series

dauthters I can’t believe anyone would allow their teenagers to read this! Catty, Jimena, and Serena dislike her, mostly due to the fact that her mind seems encompassed around nothing but boys and clothes although Vanessa once noticed that Morgan is deliberately trying to be care free to cover up her own insecurities.

He helps the Daughters throughout the series because of his devotion to Serena. I loved the writing style and the plot and characters it just wasn’t for me anymore.

Lynne Ewing

I was so ashamed of this od when I read it. Kyle escaped with the help of a monk Stanton in disguise who showed him the portals and told him the myth joon a black diamond that could set him free. There was excessive purple prose, it was unpoetically written, and there were constant descriptions of the clothes every single character was wearing.

I really like the characters. Do I look like a person to be rushed?

Jan 02, Mary Lee rated it really liked it. Daughters of the Moon is a rather long series, and this book is made up of the first three books. They seem like ordinary girls living in Los Angel… More. Feb 07, Spring Holbrook rated it it was amazing Shelves: Which is why I stuck through all three stories in this book. Normally I’m all for that; however, lately I have read nothing but YA novels and I’m starting to get bored.


She was picked up by Kendra Turner on the side of the road. They seem l… More.

Daughters of the Moon Series. Then I found they were only 15, which was a little hard for me to shift gears.

Daughters of the Moon, Volume 1 by Lynne Ewing

But that’s the biggest secret in her life. But with they’re powers comes a duty. I don’t picture a powerful woman slathering on the makeup and hair gel and glittery body paint and four inch high heels very impractical for fighting in if you ask me. I was curious to see what would happen, so I plowed on. This one doesn’t do it for me. Each focuses on the girls, but each has one main one tofocus on each book.

Also near the end of The TalismanMaggie discovers she is pregnant with Hectors child. The book seemed to feed into the daugters stigma and stereotype Uh the club dancing scene anyone? Jan 02, Laura rated it liked it.