These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach. Old flames burn in an Indian summer. By Barbara Trapido; Friday 20 February Editorial Reviews. Review. ‘Elegantly read by Nina Wadia’ INDEPENDENT. About the Author These Foolish Things – Kindle edition by Deborah Moggach. Actually I prefer to think that I read These Foolish Things and watched The Best .. Deborah Moggach’s The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (originally a different title) .

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Although the book was very readable, I did begin to wonder, after a while whether we needed yet another character’s story; I felt this particularly when Evelyn’s son Christopher took the stage, to very little purpose, I thought.

I purchased the e-book. Jun 10, Dale rated it really liked it. Perhaps a little too realistic in places. It’s told through the eyes of a number of mogfach, Dr Ravi Kapoor, his wife Pauline and cousin Sonny, the owner of the Hotel, Minoo, a number of the guests such as gentle Evelyn, battler Muriel, lost Dorothy – and even Norman who, in the book, is a dirty old man, verging on a being a sexual predator.

Several retirees are enticed by the promise of indulgent living at a bargain price, but upon arriving, they are dismayed tyese find that restoration of the once sophisiticated hotel has stalled, and that such amenities as water and electricity are. Goodreads win – ARC Graham, the former lawyer, was relegated to a few pages in the book and in the movie he was one of the major characters. While some I could connect the dots, others it was hard, so I just let it go and read.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Deborah Moggach

Or so it seems. Around the Year i The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The hotel manager is completely miserable in tthese marriage this again is supposed dfborah be amusingbut his foolisn are resolved when his marriage breaks up. Already a subscriber or registered access user? Jean Ainslie Maggie Smith Deborah Moggach’s The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel originally a different title was the basis for the famous movie of the same name.


Ravi Kapoor, a Brit whose desire to oust his lecherous, disgusting father-in-law from his home leads to his concocting the idea of setting up a retirement home for expats in India. Douglas and Jean did not visit every temple and carving in India together, but rather Jean stayed in her room the entire time and Doug ventured out alone.

This is a funny and touching comedy of manners set in London and Bangalore, but it has many quite profound things to say really, about ageing, family, and lonliness, and about how important moggah is to feel a part of something, a family, a group, something to identify with.

I wouldn’t read it again. Accessibility Links Skip to moggacu. Aged people from all walks of life, facing declining financial situations, wanderin Having adored the movie, I was motivated to read the book.

Annoying comic relief, perhaps, but never made happy nor redeemed in his story. Gosh, even that sentence bores me. It seems that this is supposed to be funny. I just want to be there.

It’s sad, but there is some really racist people out there. In the novel Evelyn, one of my characters, wanders into a call centre because she thinks she can phone from there.

Dec 17, PorshaJo rated it really liked it Shelves: This is quite possibly the worst book I have ever read. They are either exotic sex objects or humble pets, unwitting and unwilling objects of desire or model minorities who submit to the white Britishers’ prejudices and whims.

Had Deblrah not seen the film first, I might have abandoned the This book disappointed me. I am partial to books about India, and also lived in England as a child, and this brought back some memories of both. Oh, it was well written, but the characters that I loved in the movie were barely present to totally absent in the book. I admired Muriel’s courage, as she faces a trip to India after a lifetime of fear, ignorance and resentment of people from other racial backgrounds who have come to London, a violent mugging, the ransacking of her home, near destitution and the loss of her son.

This is perhaps one of the best examples since Roy’s ‘God of Small Things’ of the complex Anglo-Indian relationship, post independence. A doctor, from India, who wants to get rid of his annoying father in-law and the doctor’s cousin, who is always looking for a new business.


Books by Deborah Moggach. I found the book so fkolish more rich in Indian culture. As though everyone was tossed into the air and when they landed, they were scattered in a different pattern that still somehow fit.

Oct 30, Freda Mans-Labianca rated it really liked it. I have visited Bangalore on business, but even before that, I have had a foreigner’s infatuation with all things Indian.

Although I enjoyed the film, it was not this book. Once there, the residents of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel begin to make new lives for themselves. There is an interesting comment in the book, made by someone from the Indian culture into which they are thrust in Bangalore, to the effect that the elderly are valued in India and that families care for deboraah older folk.

The book is not strong on plot; very little actually happens. Everyone manages to mind their manners in this book, and many of the characters are genuinely likeable – even the ever-randy Norman Purse, who’s been more than a wee bit frisky since his prostate operation.

Review: Fiction: These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach

fooliah I actually had to forget what I had seen. The book opens with Dr Ravi Kapoor hatching the scheme to set up the retirement home in Bangalore, India primarily to rid himself of his noxious father-in-law. This was a quick and engaging read, in a captivating setting, but it really seemed like it contained far too many missed opportunities to Say Something.

The bravest of Britain’s most unwanted are soon being bundled on to eastbound planes.

However, I think there is a problem in that it is difficult to care about quite so many characters.