Dorota Dobija, Kozminski University, Department of Accounting, Faculty Member. Studies Intellectual Capital, Corporate Governance, and Capital Markets. Information card. Prof. DOROTA DOBIJA. Prof. DOROTA DOBIJA. Department of Accounting. Contact. [email protected] Wyświetl profil użytkownika Dorota Dobija na LinkedIn, największej sieci zawodowej na świecie. Dorota Dobija ma 4 pozycje w swoim profilu. Zobacz pełny.

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We use survey data in case of banks, and interviews in case of venture capital to dorot differences in the utilization of information of dobjia capital by the two types of financial intermediaries. An academic textbookDobija D. The study focuses on credit analysts in Poland, engaged in the credit risk assessment of SMEs. The secondary purpose is to establish how these firms use this information in their financing decisions.

Deterministyczna premia za ryzyko? The recommendation for the improvements of the credit risk assessment process ends the paper.

This paper seeks a historical perspective on the emergence and development of various governance mechanisms in the EIC. Value relevance dobijq the development of accounting regulation and market institutions in a transition economy: The Polish auditing model is an interesting case to study in the context of audit reporting.

While, in the United States, mandatory auditing of public companies is commonly traced back to the reforms that followed the Great Depression, the origin of modern auditing as an essential tool of control in business doroga, this article argues, most likely occurred four centuries earlier with the emergence of the first joint-stock companies.


Dorota Dobija

A comparative study of Poland and Nordic countries Development of accounting in Poland: Extended audit reporting An insight from the auditing profession in Poland more. Contracting for Finances by Entrepreneurial Firms: Wydawnictwa Akademickie i Profesjonalne Publication Date: Human capital reporting in the knowledge-based economy more.

Master of Business Administration 3 98 Publication Date: Scientific Activities National projects: Therefore, the question the paper tries to address is: Can Creativity be Measured in Monetary Terms? Our results indicate that investors in Poland react more positively if systems are acquired from global rather than local vendors.

By means of a questionnaire survey, this paper ascertains and analyses the use of intellectual capital IC concepts in the process of credit risk assessment. For more information about Poland, Warsaw, accommodation, and studying at KU click here. Business historians have documented that the development of various organizational forms was a result of the constant struggle to write more and more efficient contracts between firms’ participants.

I have experience in managing knowledge and intellectual capital in higher education sector. Are you interested in a career in academia? Market Reactions to Investments in Information Technology: Insight from Warsaw Stock Exchange more. Publications Articles in scientific journals: In particular, I examined whether the diversity of supervisory boards including the participation of women, affects the effectiveness of Polish companies measured in financial and non-financial terms.

In the area of management I specialize in topics related to knowledge management and intellectual capital. The primary purpose of this paper is to examine whether financial intermediaries such as banks and venture capitalists use information on intellectual capital IC in their financing decisions related to small, knowledge-intensive, entrepreneurial firms. We established that transaction-based lending, as conducted by banks, is characterised by the use of traditional financial indicators with limited use of IC information.


Dorota Dobija – Semantic Scholar

Implications for Accounting in: Building on the Roztocki and Weistroffer c explanatory model, this study examines stock market reactions to announcements of information technology investments in Poland, an emerging market and transition economy. The purpose of this paper is first to examine if financial intermediaries such as banks and venture capitalists use information on intellectual capital IC in their financing decisions related to small, knowledge-intensive, Kozminski International Business School.

The effect of these developments is then evaluated empirically by testing market efficiency and the association between stock returns and reported earnings of listed corporations from to Since then, much effort has been put into improving existing and inventing new corporate governance mechanisms as well as increasing accountability of managers to their stakeholders.

Wydawnictwa Akademickie i Profesjonalne Publication Name: The Case of Poland in: Creativity is a certain feature donija human nature, and one can expect it doobija be very complex issue determined by social environment and organizational context.