OLEG D. JEFIMENKO West Virginia University. Electrostatic M o t o r s It is also interesting to note that certain types of electrostatic motors were frequently. From Oleg D. Jefimenko, Causality, Electromagnetic Induction, and Gravitation: A Different Approach to the Theory of Electromagnetic and. Electrostatic Motors. Oleg Jefimenko and David K. Walker. Everyone is familiar with the property of elec- tric charges to attract or to repel one another.

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The discharge globes are traditional for high-voltage machines. To make wiring simple, we used standard connectors on the Wimhurst collectors, and meter leads with regular banana plugs and alligator clips to hook up the motors.

According to Griffiths, Jefimenko currently submits one or two papers a week to American journals, gets denied, then publishes them in Europe where review is apparently not as stringent.

Oleg D. Jefimenko – Wikipedia

So I go out on my step and what to my wondering eyes doth appear but the box from Amazon. Electret Scientific Company, Adhesive tape makes a convenient counterweight material because it can be both applied and eleectrostatic easily. Van Wyck and G.

On the night of Sept. The ingredients are melted and left to cool to the solid phase in a direct-current electric field of several thousand volts. A meteorological hypothesis is that the field is maintained largely by thunderstorms, which pump electrons out of the air and inject them into the earth through bolts of lightning that continuously strike the surface at an average rate of strokes per second.


A long-lasting charge is imparted to the Mylar by immersing it in a field of a few thousand volts from an electrostatic generator after the motor is assembled. At higher altitudes the rate decreases.

The commutator applied to the electrodes a charge of polarity opposite to olet charge of the attracted electret. Retrieved from ” https: The field changes constantly. Evidence of that is the fact that EM waves are widely held to be propagated by the E field creating the H field electdostatic the H field creating the E field as it goes along. The ends of the shaft were ground and polished to 30degree points. That deposited a like charge on the thimble, so they repelled each other.

It employed stiffbacked single-edge razor blades as electrodes. Drill and tap the acrylic and assemble parts with machine screws. To form the points Jefimenlo chucked the shaft in an electric hand drill, ground the electroshatic against an oilstone and polished the resulting pivots against a wood lap coated with tripoli. The correspondingly higher voltages become difficult to confine.

We filed down all edges on the rotor adn the windows to leectrostatic sure there were no beads or chips dragging. Estimates of the stored energy range from a million kilowatts to a billion kilowatts. The rotor consisted of a pair of electrets in the shape of sectors supported at opposite ends of a shaft.

Incidentally, that funny smell is ozone. Apart from possible applications electrostatic motors make fascinating playthings. Books by Professor Oleg Jefimenko also available from http: And so are the motors.

The generator is safe, too. A pair of indented setscrews could be substituted for the clock bearings. The machine consisted of an uncoated disk of glass that rotated in the vertical electrostatid on low-friction bearings between opposing crosses of ebonite.


Notwithstanding the problem of handling potentials on the order of a million volts mltors effective insulation materials, Jefimenko foresees the possibility of at least limited application of corona power machines. He has succeeded in constructing demonstration motors that run continuously off atmospheric electricity. To give the motor more torque, we put a bead of cement along the outer edge of each aluminum-foil electrode to stop corona leakage.

It was a great feeling. The motor was started by hand.

Jefimenko’s Electrostatic Motors & Heaviside’s Gravitational EM Analogy

Never fly the balloon in a city or in any other location where the antenna can drift into contact with a high-voltage power line. Notify me of new comments via email. Electret Scientific, Star City, Jefimenko suggests that electromagnetic equations can be converted to their gravitational-cogravitational equivalent by replacing electromagnetic symbols and constants with their corresponding gravitational-cogravitational symbols and constants, [1] given in the table below.

Electrostatic motors also require very little metal in their construction and can use electrrostatic plastic for example.

The only essential metal parts are the electrodes and their interconnecting leads. Anything that is available online has been referenced. The laser e,ectrostatic would ionize the air, creating an invisible conductor through apparently empty space.

They can also operate from a variety of sources and range of voltages.