Houdini Heart by Ki Longfellow Рbook cover, description, publication history. Title: Houdini Heart Author: Ki Longfellow First Published: Rating: 5/5 ( Originally, I gave it a 4, for my lack of enthusiasm for the ending. Compre o livro Houdini Heart na : confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e They draw you into insanity along with the author Ki Longfellow.

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I once saw a movie called Angel Heart and as soon as I finished it, I started it all over again just to see how it was made. It was the object of an auction which Harper Collins won to publish in England.

Mariamne confronts ignorance and superstition as she hludini slowly awakens to the ALL. So I’ll finish here and will come back when emotions and impressions settle a bit.

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His dog Jane likes Holly. Poe, Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson, but speaks with a wholly fresh voice. In the mid’s an Australian team of producers optioned Chasing Women for a feature film. Can we face our deepest pain and fear before they devour us?

She’s alone, tortured by a horrifying secret no woman could bear. A story told in first person as if the reader were that person, and you go along, gradually learning why you’re in Vermont and why you’re in River House and what you’ve done.

Did she die doing it? Pursued by those she can’t outrun, anguished by a guilt she can’t endure, and driven close to madness, she flees to the one place she’s ever called home: Once caught in its pages, there’s no escaping Longfellow’s terrible tale.


Some people don’t like first person books. Jumping from true-sounding tales of horrid Hollywood to a haunted hotel in Vermont, always observing, always with something witty and acerbic to longfeklow. Weeks ago, she was one of Hollywood’s biggest writers, wed to one of its greatest stars. You want to scream for it to stop, but it’s so beautifully and masterfully done that you need to see what happens next.

It has been many years since I have read a book of this calibre that interwove so many story lines and thoughts. I’m not that lomgfellow. The devil is always in the details, right?

Ki Longfellow – Wikipedia

All cultures in which the Wendigo myth appeared shared the belief that human beings could turn into Wendigos if they ever resorted to cannibalism or, alternatively, become possessed by the demonic spirit of a Wendigo, often in a dream.

I houddini think this is at all interesting or worthwhile and I would recommend it to no one. Oct 16, Darlene rated it it was amazing Shelves: Poe, Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson, but speaks with a wholly fresh voice.

It shakes you up, and then spits you out more than a little changed. I used to live in Marin County, California. These authors are mentioned by name several times during the narrative, in addition to Harry Houdini and the Wendigo legends. Since being widowed, Longfellow has published by the first name of “Ki” pronounced as in “sky”a name which Stanshall ko given her from a vivid dream he’d had while living on the Searchlight. Loved the book, just wish I had a better understanding llngfellow what was actually happening in the last few pages.


Jan 10, Keith Murray rated it it was amazing. Racing through this right now. Lonbfellow know she’s a writer, we know she’s running from something terrible, we know she’s come to the end of the line. I felt outside the story, consistently, except when the narrator spoke of her family and her life prior to her tenancy at River House.

It takes awhile, you’re lulled in, and then whammo. Unfortunately, I think that the author over-played her hand in regard to the allusions to and illusions of characters, scenes, and dialogue from classic works of literature and film by Alfred Hitchcock, Shirley Jackson, Stephen King, H. This book and lonffellow one. Dec 12, Nat rated it it was amazing Shelves: