ILBE Pack System (Fig. specifics on how these stays should seat on the shoulders and back areas or how to be adjust the stays consult the ILBE user manual. I got a really nice surplus ILBE pack for Christmas and I’m pretty but it would be nice to have a USMC manual breaking it down Barney style. Ok, so as promised to some other members I’ve collected some pics for a quick explanation of the Marine Corps ILBE pack system. In light of.

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We can divided the cabin into two parts by opening the separating cloth which was connected and fixed by the semi-circular fasteners.

We can maual the main cabin by opening the two tightening belts and the two-ways zipper of the main cabin. Notice how it is inserted into manuap elastic pocket and the strap travels through the hydration bladders carry handle. You can see the hole on one side as well as maual slot on the hinged side to allow for straps to be ran through it.

There are two sizes and I placed these next to one of my new assault packs to give you an idea of ilve size. You can literally pack them full, stand on top of the contents, grap the top lip drawstring area pull up as hard as you can, and jump up and down to pack these things while not having to worry about ripping them. There are two tightening ropes at the opening of recon main pack, but there is only one tightening rope at the opening of main pack.

Be sure to push out anything which seems like an air pocket and make the the bag material is firmly against these black strips. Notice the two side access zippers and the shelf material folded down to allow for one large compartment.

Salute Arc’Teryx — all analysis of ILBE pack system

These bags DO seal air tight. In my opinion, There are many factors such as enough money provided to army services of US army because of war on terror, the small total equipment because of the smaller scale of the marines than the army which is not astronomical and the contempt mentality of the marines for the army that the marines are stronger than the army, the backpack of the marines also should be better than the backpack of the army. Here is an idea of the opening width: On either side you will notice a female buckle hanging unconnected, vertically.


One-way zipper controls the opening and closing of the outer compartment books and other objects can be placed in which. ilbd

Manual | ILBE PACK

Bottom pocket cabin has some features such as the near-circular design, two-ways zipper and the wide opening in order to put in and take out objects with large volume. You do NOT want to be in the middle of a 20 mile hike over a mountainous region ulbe a pack full of about lbs of gear and have one of these break on you. They are easily discernible by the heavy leather-like material that they are ran through.

We can see the separating cloth when we get rid of radio pouch. To keep the pack snug to ilbs body you will find several compression straps along each side.

Below are some pics of their air bleeder valves. Notice the small black area at the top of the assault pack which looks like a tear all the way across the top; that is merely ventilation for that pack. There are pockets which are used for carrying the foot stool, moisture-proof manuzl and other objects in the bottom of the two packs.

It provides the option to hold longer items or you can split it into to compartments with a center flap. Opening the main cabin by unzipping the two-ways zipper, we can see that the opening of the pack is enough big to take objects, at the same time, we can see the difference of the two packs that there are three inserters which were used to carry medical instruments and medicines. Then fold to one side the excess lip of the bag and hold it flat while you fold it again.

Once you disconnect the rear buckle you gain access to mnaual main compartment. Next the pack includes soft padding on both the hip bet and shoulder straps. Notice that the drinking hose exits the bladder on the right shoulder so to give you the most available reach when attached to a pack you should install it on the right side.

We can see the top of source water bag by unzipping the horizontal zipper, the body of water bag can be opened ilge washing. It is a small pack although its volume is 39L in my opinion, the pack with a volume of more than 40L is a medium-sized pack, the pack with a volume of less than 40L is a small pack. Three compartments and a net bag, velcro controls the opening and closing of two compartments, one-way zipper controls the opening and closing of the third compartment.


The corpsman pack without medical inserter is same with assault pack. Source water bags can be used separately, and be used as an external water bags combination, for example, the water bags combination can be attached to some kinds of packs like MTV or SPC.

The BLUE arrow is pointing to one side of the chest mxnual, which can help alleviate some weight from your shoulders. The marking on the shoulder straps are the contract number of army of USA and storage number of US army know as two numbers.

You can see how the carry flap previously discussed comes in to play here. You can loosen these as needed to maunal the pack to fit more gear, or buckle and tighten these as needed to keep contents from moving around on long hikes.

I pack has the black padding and features and the Gen. The holder at the top of the pack is very sturdy, the bottom part is the water line outlet of hydration. Underneath this carry flap you can find a larger surface of molle webbing if that will better suit your needs and you can simply roll the flap up and out of the way of the molle system.

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Unzipper the two-ways zipper of the besides of the body of pack, and take out the objects in the pack. These can be used to carry the pack a short distance, but more commonly they are used to get a very heavy pack on your back with NO help from another person. The main cabin was separated and connected with separating cloth with fasteners when we keep the packs open. About the pack body, the designers adopt the combined design of woodland marpat of the marines and the coyote brown CB for short as the the signature color of the gear, helmet and footwear of the marines.

Took me a minute to figure out how to do the pics. Diversion pipe can be fixed on the straps with fixing strap with elasticity at the left of the pack or right.