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Elisabeth Haich

Do you feel the irresistible power of attraction that links us and draws us closer and closer together? Coming closer and closer, his horrible eyes get more and more penetrating.

This is hell indeed. He is a free being with an elisbaeth right of self determination.

Your arms are crossed in front of your breast. I can feel how this satanic being—is it Satan himself? Views Read Edit View history.

I know, I just know this disembodied monster is Elisabefh itself. I am the dimensionless self, a spirit beyond any concept of time and space!

The Initiation 1st part – by Elisabeth Haich

Get on your way and let me get on mine! I know that two eyes are staring at me.


You have no independent existence. Come and let us unite in divine unity, let us merge our beings in heavenly bliss! Nobody is left … Nothing more … only a sea of flames, devouring and consuming everything … But I stand untouched, unscathed, and I am that I am! Throughout ages and ages of time, our fate brings us together again and again until we make each other conscious within ourselves and experience each other completely in body as well as in soul.

The outside world has ceased to exist for them. He initerea me, trying to force himself into my mouth … into my body. I want to get on as fast as possible. A piece of stone—rigid, hard and dead!

Initierea – Elisabeth Haich – Google Books

You are spirit and not body! A person belongs only to himself. Elisabeth Haich claimed to have attained “ego-death”. I feel myself turning limp and lifeless out of sheer terror. Seemingly he niitierea read my thoughts, for he replies to my inner questions: I lie in the stone coffin and peer into the darkness.

I certainly do know love! How could she possibly hope to find happiness through elosabeth physical embrace without spiritual content? They talk with each other too, but it seems as if these men and women have forgotten that speech is a spiritual manifestation of man.


The Initiation 1st part – by Elisabeth Haich – The Light Creator

But even when they are so keyed up that their whole bodies tingle and tremble with passion, they never lose their dignity … they never carry on like these people here. Wake up, do you hear? In pitch darkness I lie there enclosed in the stone coffin. They try to persuade me to eat and drink with them. Come, let us unite in love, you dearest of creatures, my one and only heavenly bride. So how does this man come to think he can.

These people should be saved and awakened from their semi-conscious condition! It was described by her followers mentioned in the introductions to her book as visible in her gaze: