The Brinewall Legacy, an adventure by James Jacobs with support articles by Tim Nightengale It is the first of six chapters in the Jade Regent Adventure Path . Pathfinder Adventure Path: Jade Regent Part 1 – The Brinewall Legacy [James Jacobs, Paizo Staff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Welcome to the first chapter of our Jade Regent campaign, The Brinewall Legacy ! Our neophyte adventurers in Sandpoint are drawn into long-hidden secrets by.

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Aug 08, Michele marked it as reference Shelves: Crying to himself, all alone and trying to rwgent, Tolo tries to steady his resolve. Jade Regent 1Pathfinder Adventure Path A tribe of goblins in the nearby Brinestump Marsh have grown uncommonly bold, probably because they appear to have located a cache of fireworks. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The events that took place in Sandpoint during the Rise of the Runelords are presumed to have already happened a few years previously. I would have preferred to see more potential backstory and interaction tegent presented in the module and to leave whether or not that character interaction occurs up to the players and the GM. Essentially, as a result of the climax of Act I, the Heroes and Ameiko will rhe a caravan to travel north to the ruined fortress of Brinewall in order to investigate it.

In particular, players and GMs who have played We Be Goblins previously will be extremely pleased with this aspect of Vol.

You can brinewal us by expanding it. While some may object to this decision, those objections are misplaced.

The Brinewall Legacy – PathfinderWiki

In Golarion, it is essentially always A. Thee Jacobs has done a very fine job on this one. They have also done the same with all of the monsters in the Bestiary 2 and, I expect, will at some point next year, do the same with the brinewsll in the Bestiary 3. Our neophyte adventurers in Sandpoint are drawn into long-hidden secrets by their friends, relatives, and loved ones, all linked to Sandpoint inn-owner Ameiko Kaijitsu.


I appreciate that this is the very point of this Adventure Path. A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 1st-level characters, The Brinewall Legacy launches the Jade Regent Adventure Path, a sweeping quest that takes the heroes from familiar territory in Varisia all the way across the ice fields of the Crown of the World to distant Tian Xia, the land of the Dragon Empires.

Here, I think the major kudos go not to Blando whose map art remains up to his usual excellent standards but brinewwall the turnover by Jacobs as map designer. The details provided are few for this aspect of the adventure and the emphasis is upon individual GMs to fill in those details of the trek north or not as the GM may prefer. There are also options for role-play and obtaining allies from within the ruined fortress complex.

Pablo Martinez rated it it was amazing Jan 04, The party can flee or the party can kill Tolo. Those are the only options in the module as presented. Can the adventurers piece together a puzzle that links the owner of a sleepy village tavern to the unsolved destruction of a fortress-settlement? Read on as we uncover the secrets of the Brinewall Legacy. This site uses Jaxe to reduce spam.

But in vanquishing the pyromaniac goblins, the heroes uncover a secret that has been hidden in the marsh for nearly a quarter of a century – a secret that sends them north to the mysterious ruins of Brinewall Castle, where When the Licktoad Goblins of Brinestump Marsh get ahold of a crate of fireworks, adventurers brienwall needed to handle the explosive and annoying situation.

The monsters presented in Act III of The Brinewall Legacy, in particularare thematically consistent, well tied together and rationally explained within the context hte the module. There is much probing. As is so often the case, love of the booty ends up being the downfall of Kikkonu the tengu.

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This break from past form was well appreciated when it began in rgeent Carrion Crown Adventure Path and the Jade Regent continues to omit these character stat blocks from the pages of the AP.

Chapter 1 – The Brinewall Legacy

Paizo is acutely aware of the problems that continuity issues can create in developing a setting as massive as Golarion has become over the past four years. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Not surprisingly, Paizo wants to ensure that they do not make their own adventure products obsolete with every new rules expansion to Pathfinder. If there is a weakness to the module, or better stated, a potential drawback for some customersit is that the adventure the module presents is clearly part of a larger tale with a story tightly interweaving this segment of the adventure to the rest of the AP.

Peat rated it really liked it Nov 27, The Path of Destiny When a trove of fireworks falls into the hands of the goblins of Brinestump Marshthe people of Sandpoint fear an explosive invasion. The highlight though not the climax of the adventures through the Brinestump Marsh is the fairly detailed and well developed brinewzll of the Licktoad Goblins rules by Chief Gutwad.

I would have preferred this part of jafe adventure to have received more attention. For some reason, Tolo records what happened as a drawing upon the wall using charcoal. Brinewall may be a fun place to adventure in, but it is not a silly place. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

David Keffer rated it it was amazing Feb 05,