*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Originally published in , The Painted Bird established Jerzy Kosinski as a major literary figure. Kosinski’s story follows . For all intents and purposes, Jerzy Kosinski was on the fast track for fame under fire with the publication of his third novel, The Painted Bird. It was universally assumed that Kosinski was the painted bird of the title, and that the book, like the stories its author so often told about his life.

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A witchy folk healer named Olga shelters him.

If he can build enough credit with God, he will be delivered from injustice. Some months later, I did just that and for two days I was immersed in witnessing the ugliest and most vile horrors I have ever read in fiction that were loosely based from real-life accounts of people who lived through the second World War.

Do we see how the events in this book have shaped the boy? Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options.

The Painted Bird

A harrowing story that follows the wanderings of a boy abandoned by his parents during World War II, The Painted Bird hhe a dark story that examines the proximity of terror and savagery to innocence and love. Running away, the boy learns how to survive alone in a forest wilderness. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Assumed by reviewers to be a memoir of a Jewish survivor and witness to the Holocaust telling the supposed true story of his search for the deported family, the book received enthusiastic reviews.


A seemless and stellar read means that I become so very lost birf I do not notice anything about the book, nothing at all, except for what it makes me feel. Trivia About The Painted Bird. Background, Context and Events.

No one even smiles at him until page I did find the superstitions of the Slavic peasants to be fascinating, but I would think long and hard kosinsk recommending this book.

It is an incredibly difficult and important book, and the fact of the controversy surrounding it and the author only heightens its effect. If you were a Jew in Poland, you had an enemy on the other side of virtually every wall. The book title was drawn from an incident in the story. In his editorial review Elie Wiesel wrote that the book was “one of the best Edit Details Official Sites: This phantasmagoria of bestiality, rape, murder, torture, more rape, incest, beating, this unceasing onslaught directed against this small boy?

But, what did I do? He also says it was not an autobiographical account, so again, I don’t see why reviewers on here have to bring up the controversy surrounding ‘facts’ in his fictional novel. This is an apt cover for Jerzy Kosinski’s fictiona The cover of the Mass Market Paperback edition from the s of The Painted Bird features a small section of Hieronymus Bosch hell-landscape — dressed in sickly green and wearing a white hood, a creature with a man’s body and koisnski of a long-beaked bird walks on crutches carrying a large wicker basket on its back, and in the basket a small black devil with spiky fingers touches the shoulder of a wary young boy as koainski whispers into the boy’s ear.


I want to become lost in my books, not Miss Analytical. Kosinski recounts incident after incident with horrifying intensity.

Return to Book Page. Did I say Polish peasant? This is the key motif to the story. I agree with ghe reviews mentioning the lack of sophistication of the writing in The Painted Birdlargely due to the predominantly juvenile tone.

But it probably would have been a better novel had he waited until he was less avid to shock his readers. He stressed that since the book is surreal — a fictional tale — and does not present, or claim to present — real world events, accusations of anti-Polish sentiment are nothing but a misunderstanding of the book by those who take it too literally.

Jerzy Kosinski, The Painted Bird | John Pistelli

To support an interpretation that emphasizes individualism, consider the titular metaphor. Recipes for simple ailments that involve ground bones, horse teeth, and various secretions.

He moves through a progression of conclusions. This paijted is saying that because he was a child, he was harmed more. You get the idea that this must have been one aggravating revolting brat of a kid.