La Saga de Geralt de Rivia 7. La Dama del Lago Vol. 1 [Andrzej Sapkowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. La dama del lago 1 [Andrzej Sapkowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. La dama del lago 1 by Andrzej Sapkowski, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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I believe anyone who has read the whole series would know what I’m talking about.

La dama del lago

I know she is supposed to be the main character from the very beginning, so no problem with that, but was it necessary to kill off anyone else who had sapkowsoi place in her “happy” ending? I could care less about Condwiramurs, a woman who dreams about the legends of the Witcher in the future, and yet we return to her chapter after chapter.

There were also some very confusing, short lived moments in the book that felt either rushed, or perhaps I didn’t understand them or perhaps I wasn’t meant to understand. Said characters aren’t even an active part of or direct witness to the actual story about Geralt and Ciri. I did enjoyed parts of this book, though it did have many problems.

Ciri is in our worldbeing spoken to by Galahad and being forced to make love to Oberon named Auberon here. And for example, this bit of dialogue when a sorceress takes on dmaa new apprentice: You could see his hand, how he really had a hard time, and the effect? This review is becoming more incoherent with each sentence much like the final book of the series. It manages to be what I didn’t think a Witcher book could ever be – boring. I enjoyed all the books in the series so far and I have to say, this one was definitely the worst one.


La dama del lago 1

The Hexer is Geralt, a mutant assassin who has been trained since childhood to hunt down and destroy monsters. Lots happens, yes, but as far as plot progression, it often feels like a single book takes place over a couple days, and not a lot gets accomplished by the end. And way too much snorting and hissing in all the books. You know what to expect, you easily distinguish between them, they are unique and their motivations are understandable.

Point of view switches non-stop. Here is why- the plot was wrapped up only with Ciri in mind.

La dama del lago 1 : Andrzej Sapkowski :

I found the wild hunt immensely interesting antagonists, and can see why the games used them since they were more sapkoaski than Vilg. There’s only one woman he will truly love, and finding her again becomes his only purpose.

Th I was really disappointed with this novel. Mas bien se ve arrastrado por lo que sucede a su alrededor, eligiendo siempre el mal menor y sobreviviendo como puede en un mundo hostil.

Lady of the Lake [Nov 1, ] 29 50 Nov 21, It begins with a retelling of this element of the Arthurian myth, though Sapkowski gives it his own twist.

I feel like Sapkowski rushed the ending. Spakowski is truly a master here I should add that in his Trylogia Husycka he perfected this manner of writing even further. And while I enjoyed the books, the last few were a CRAWL to get through, especially this one, with a few redeeming moments. The writing is gorgeous, more like a beautiful mosaic of vignettes than a straight linear experience.


It’s disheartening, because I really, really wanted so much more for such a promising character and for such a promising end to a beautifully-written world. Some of the flames were high and strong, shining brightly and vividly, while others were small, shaky and trembling, and the flames darkened and they sank. So they opened their big mouths and out came talk.

He has a new romance, though such a thing could only ever be temporary. The first collection of short stories, ‘The Last Wish’, was the best creation in the entire franchise. The b I originally started the switched book series because of my love for the Witcher games.

La dama del lago (Saga Geralt de Rivia #7) by Andrzej Sapkowski (2 star ratings)

In the middle of all this, Geralt and his companions are also continuing their search for Ciri, but with the recent abduction and imprisonment of Yennefer, the Witcher now has even more troubles on his hands.

Without spoiling it for anyone, the ending was bad, so was the character development.

It’s kind of a happy coincidence I finished this on the 10th anniversary or close enough of the first game. This was a long and unnecessarily drawn out affair. To view it, click here. At the same time cynical and noble, Geralt has been compared to Raymond Chandler’s signature character Philip Marlowe.