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We also found that less waste was generated during the winter season. Sown in Indtaj napolls, there’s a Color crau o which can spin metal any way the Defense Dept. The ore deposit lies in the unsaturated zone above the water table.

Luego apareci con el presidente Farrel en la tribuna de palacio.

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The main objective consists in the localization of areas presenting favorable conditions for the existence of uranium isotopes minerlization, in order to determine a mineralized body or ore deposit. Protected by the unique, ftnoanmlj waterproof Oyster case.

Today’s ultimatum set a time limit on the May 20 Iranian statement that Iran is prepared to discuss legitimate claims by the British-controlled oil com- pany. Inorganic arsenic iAs and fluoride F- are naturally occurring drinking water contaminants. He pushed his mother away and lunged for a door. Al- bert Plcclrtlll; Mrs. Almada Km 1, Chihuahua, Chih. The prevalence of rheumatic diseases was Write giving age, experience, etc. Thn aowtpaper oisoiwsi as rMp. Per the Seare Catalog Kids, Freddie Bruhn pitched a master- ful game, setting down ne legs than 13 Couneilmen via the strike- out route.

En la Secretara de la Universidad se entregan de 9 a 12 y de 3 a 6 p. It was another close game, the Kids winning bv score ef The Cordillera Blanca granite has been significantly eroded since its emplacement Ma indicating a significant mass of rocks removal.


Dinner Given at Hotel Tlvoll Dr. The plu,a coming from the kaolinization of feldspars recristallizes as microcristalline quartz so that the rock appears compact. Despite anticonvulsant therapy and supportive care, the dogs died. Crews and equipment CAB approved. The mother and the two stud dogs were not affected.

Reld; Square dances of today and how to teach and call them, Kr”s; Three men on third, Smith. For the first time he complained of ore arm. I3Evening Salon request nkvoa A bulk sample of the boulder was also collected. La ex- plosin de la clera popular determinada por esa medida o- blig a Farrell a detener a Pe- rn y a libertar a sus opo- sitores.

For the transport of uranium mill ppluma was necessary that the vehicles had devices to reduce the dispersion of material in the road.

The Panama American

This curve was then used to estimate the age of “Little Ice Age” moraines. Thia car ii eteel. This study was carried out in 50 house-room of the city of Chihuahua. En las riberas del Pla- ta, su gran rio y uno de los mavores del mundo, la capa ve- getal de la pampa alcanza oca- sionalmente un espesor de mas de tres metros. Redway and Robert G. There Is one thing though that he doesn’t find funny and anything that leads him toward that thing Is apt to make him plumb unfriend- ly.

The uplift and exhumation of the highest Peruvian peaks seems closely linked to the Cordillera Blanca normal fault that delimits and shape the western flank of the Cordillera Blanca. Breast stroke, girls 12 years. The orders will ap- ply to stoves, refrigerators, washing machines and a host of other items. Acheson said no peace feel- ers have eben received from the Communists but that be has not abandoned hope that the terrible losses they are suffering In Korea will make them receptive to negotia- tions.


She then called her po- Thirteen minutes after the-? Underlying the Nopal Formation is the Coloradas Formation, which consists of a welded lithic-rich rhyolitic ash-flow tuff. Energy saving programs and renewable energies in ChihuahuaMexico; Programas de ahorro de energia y energias renovables en ChihuahuaMexico.

A reactive transport model can be established to characterize the in-situ transport of radionuclides at the site. Van Fleet le dijo lleno de jbilo a los periodistas en Corea: Gallbladder agenesis in a Chihuahua. Brown; Storm of Dancerwood. Soil surrounding boulders of high-grade ore associated with the PHGS site have been sampled.

The Panama American

Water level monitoring reported at these and other wells in the region is combined with archival data to provide ,a better understanding of the hydrology at Nopal I. Un ves- pertino haba publicado foto- grafas de la manifestacin con esta leyenda respectiva: To a reporter who wanted to know whether the United States did not possess the intelligence and energy “to keep us from flipping back into the Dark Ages even if we do have another war?

A plant stopped operating in deilnltely. Inside was a very short note written, in the President’s own hand on White House stationery.